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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dallas: The Complete First Season DVD Review

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Dallas: The Complete First Season DVD Review

Synopsis: The landmark TV drama continues with a whole new generation, as JR's (Larry Hagman) and Sue Ellen's (Linda Gray) son, John Ross (Josh Henderson), locks horns with Bobby's (Patrick Duffy) adopted son Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), proving that in Texas -- oil is still thicker than blood. Both families want control of the coveted Southfork family estate. With JR's cunning guidance, John Ross is determined to drill it, while Christopher backed by Bobby, searches for alternative fuels, and plans to donate Southfork to a conservatory. It's a battle without limits, whether it means stealing another man's money, loyalty, girlfriend or wife. leaving just one question. Whose side are you on?

Review: I remember watching Dallas as a kid...for many many many years my parents tuned-in back in the 80s.  I remember when J.R. got shot...I remember the drama and the intrigue that kept this show popular for so many years.  Now, with the renewal of the show with a few old key players and a lot of attractive and young new ones, I can see that the magic is still there.  This entire season is filled with an updated version of the same drama and crazy family feuding that I expect from Dallas.  This show certainly hasn't skipped a beat.  Its a great watch.

Interest Range: TV Show, Drama