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Monday, January 14, 2013

Assassins Blu-Ray Review

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Assassins Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: In the year 198 BC, Cao Cao (CHOW YUN FAT), Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty, ventured to the east and defeated China s greatest warrior Lu Bu, terrifying every ambitious warlord across the country. Several years later, after taking the Han Emperor under his wing, Cao crowns himself King of Wei. He built a magnificent Bronze Sparrow Island to symbolize his power and rumors spread that he would replace the Emperor. 

Meanwhile, young lovers Mu Shun (TAMAKI HIROSHI) and Ling Ju (CRYSTAL LIU YI FEI) are taken from a prison camp to a hidden tomb, where they spend five cruel years together, training as assassins for a secret mission. In the year 220 BC astronomical signs predict dramatic change. As a result, Cao s son Cao Pi (QIU XIN ZHI) and Cao s followers urge Cao to become the new Emperor - but unknown and opposing forces plot against him. 

Starring international film legend Chow Yun-Fat, and created by the team behind gripping action dramas such as HERO, HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER and KILL BILL, THE ASSASSINS is a gripping, lush historical epic that mixes tragic romance with taut political drama.

Review: I don't know a lot about historical China, but what I do know I've learned from martial arts movies, lol.  I know thats lame, but its true.  Films like this, while not always completely factual, are a great taste of what life may have been like, mixed with entertaining dramatizations.  The tone and color of this film are fantastic and really pop, while it has just enough action and drama to keep it interesting.  Chow Yun Fat does a phenominal job, as expected, in the role of Cao Cao.  This one is a great watch, and while it may not be on par with other greats like House of Flying Daggers, its definately a solid film.

Interest Range: Historical, Drama