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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Unreleased Gene Kelly: Black Hand DVD Review

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Unreleased Gene Kelly: Black Hand DVD Review

Synopsis: Johnny Columbo was just a boy in 1900 New York when a gang of extortionists known as the Black Hand murdered his father. Now Johnny's a grown man eager for vengeance.

Review: Any fan of Gene Kelly and vintage film in general will recognize the title "The Black Hand".  This film is an unreleased to DVD epic that hasn't been seen in decades!  Thanks to the Warner Archive, who brings us a ton of great vintage cinema on DVD, we all get a chance to enjoy a rare non-musical movie from Kelly.  That allows him to show his true acting chops, in our opinion.  Black Hand is an intense and moving film about a boy seeking revenge for his father's murder against a gang around the turn of the century.  The film is thrilling and full of action.  We absolutely loved it. 

This film is "made to order" on as part of the Warner Archive series.  These cannot be found in stores!

Interest Range: Vintage Film