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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Let It Shine (Extended Edition) DVD Review

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Let It Shine (Extended Edition) DVD Review

Synopsis: Cyrus DeBarge (Tyler James Williams) loves music. Leading the choir at his father's church by day, while working as a busboy at a teen club by night, Cyrus is a talented rapper with just one thing holding him back - his lack of confidence. When a local music show announces that pop star Roxie (Coco Jones) - Cyrus's former classmate and schoolboy crush - is judging a contest looking for the next big single, Cyrus submits a track. Much to his surprise, Cyrus wins, but he allows his ultra-confident best friend Kris (Trevor Jackson) to take all the credit, while he fades into the background, feeding him lyrics and rhymes. However, Cyrus' music works too well, and when Kris finds himself getting Roxie's affections and musical acclaim, Cyrus has to learn to speak up for himself. Will he take his rightful place on the stage and in Roxie's heart? The Let It Shine: Extended Edition also features an exclusive scene where Cyrus takes on his nemesis, "Bling", in his first-ever rap battle.

Review: Let It Shine is an inspirational film geared towards tweens and young teens with a strong message of being yourself.   This film was well put together and well-acted.  We enjoyed it, as did our tweens.  Its nice to see Tyler James Williams again after his three season stint in Everybody Hates Chris.  The actor recognition helped to warm us to the character of Cyrus right away, and thats important in this film.   This one was a very family-friendly and well messaged film.  We definately recommend it.

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Interest Range: Musical, Drama