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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Knock Knock 2 DVD Review

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Knock Knock 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: On October 31, 2010, four friends living in Los Angeles decided to go on a self-made tour of haunted Hollywood houses and famous celebrity murders, hoping to capture these famous ghosts on camera. After several uneventful ghost hunts, they came upon the house known as 1666. They have been missing ever since. One year later, their film was found miles away from their last known location. Their footage was compiled and made into a movie: KNOCK KNOCK 2.

Review:  The first Knock Knock was a horror slasher film.  The sequel, as horror sequels back in the 1980s often did, takes the franchise in a completely different direction.  This time its a found footage film with a group of people that get trapped into a house as the horror ensues.  This one is very creepy and a great edition to the found footage horror film genre.

Interest Range: Horror