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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Greatest Diamond Robbery DVD Review

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The Greatest Diamond Robbery DVD Review

Synopsis: Red Skelton was already a presence on early TV, brining creations like Clem Kadiddlehopper and Freddie the Freeloader into millions of living rooms, when he made his last film for MGM, the studio that had been his movie home since 1940. The beloved funnyman portrays diamond cutter Ambrose C. Park (the middle initials stands for "Central") in The Great Diamond Robbery. Park is eager to demonstrate his talent to his employer by working on the rare Blue Goddess diamond. It's a delicate task. One mistake and the gem will be worthless. Two mistakes: it'll be worthlesser! But Park confidently takes on the job, accompanied by criminals who have convinced him they're his long-lose family and who secretly aim to steal the diamond after it's cut. Will Park find out he's being hoodwinked before it's too late? Most certainly. And that's when the antic finale begins...

Review: Red Skelton does it again!  He finds a way to enterain audiences throughout the ages with this great vintage 1954 classic, the Greatest Diamond Robbery!    This one is full if insanity, as Skelton portrays a man that was abandoned as a child and wishes to find his parents.  A criminal gang is eager to take advantage of that fact and poses as his parents to get close to the uncut diamonds he works with.  Hilarity ensues.  We highly recommend this one.  Good old movie, great time and perfect for the entire family!

Interest Range: Vintage