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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Awakening DVD Review

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The Awakening DVD Review

Synopsis: Screen legend Charlton Heston ("The Ten Commandments") visits Egypt as an archaeologist who discovers an ancient tomb and uncovers its curse. Mention Bram Stoker’s name, and literature and movie buffs will conjure up Count Dracula. But there was more blood in Stoker’s pen. He also wrote The Jewel of the Seven Stars, later filmed with chilling effect as The Awakening, grippingly directed by Mike Newell (Dance with a Stranger, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) and sensuously shot on Egyptian locations by veteran cinematographer Jack Cardiff. Charlton Heston stars as an Egyptologist with a passion that will trigger several mysterious deaths. He’s obsessed with a sorceress whose return has been prophesied – and whose tomb he opened at the exact moment his daughter was born. Can ancient evil reach forward in time to curse the present? Horror movie fans know the terrifying answer.

Review: We have never had the pleasure of seeing the Awakening, prior to it being released to DVD for the first time exclusively by the Warner Archive.  I'm not particularly a fan of Charlton Heston's overacting, but he does a good job in Awakening.  This vintage horror classic was imagined in the mind of the legendary Bram Stoker.  Its basically a far more chilling precursor to the Mummy can definately see elements they borrowed from the Awakening.  This is a great opportunity to own a rare classic.

Interest Range: Vintage Film