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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Bag of Hammers Blu-Ray Review

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A Bag of Hammers Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: A Bag Of Hammers revolves around the friendship of two charming grifters, Ben and Alan, played by Jason Ritter and Jake Sandvig. Ben and Alan have built a successful though larcenous business, posing as car valets, only to steal the vehicles instead of parking them. Because of their less-than-ideal childhoods and a "job" that allows them to remain likeable boyish rogues well into their 20's, their penchant for crime is almost forgivable. However, everything changes when they meet a twelve-year-old boy named Kelsey. Neglected by his mother, Kelsey is drawn to Ben and Alan and they to him - eventually, Kelsey becomes part mascot, part protege. His presence ultimately forces Alan and Ben to choose between a life of crime and fun (an extended childhood) and the opportunity to grow up and deal with the emotional consequences that come with it.

Review: This charming indie flick had a short theatrical run, but thankfully is now available to us on blu-ray.  This is a well-written, excellently arranged film that focuses on a couple of criminal drifters with charm and wit in excess.  Their life of fun and crime may be coming to an end...if they choose the "adult" path.  This one explores the difficult line between childhood and adulthood that exists in today's society and is a fantastic example of indie film. 

Interest Range: Indie, Drama