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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Universe: The Complete Season Six Blu-Ray Review

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The Universe: The Complete Season Six Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: SEASON 6 of the pioneering series THE UNIVERSE takes viewers further than ever, to the extreme edges of our solar system where chaos and catastrophe bring epic drama to the planets - including some of the most horrifying days on Earth. Through stunning CGI, witness the birth pangs of the solar system, shocked into existence by a nearby supernova, and enduring over 700 million years of brutal bombardment by deadly asteroids; colossal cataclysms that shaped the planets and transformed their climates forever; and startling new scientific discoveries revealing a hellish history of continuous devastation on Earth. And travel to the system's very fringes to explore the possibility that the Sun has an evil twin, a monstrous star known as Nemesis suspected of causing every mass extinction in Earth's history. In signature cutting-edge style, THE UNIVERSE features astounding NASA footage and the opinions of leading astrophysicists to probe even more deeply into the billion-years-old story of the world beyond Earth presented in stunning high-definition on this Blu-ray set

Review: The Universe was cut a bit short last season (season five) with only eight episodes.  This new blu-ray release of season six includes a full 14 episode season!  This is great news for us fans.  If you're familiar with the Universe show then you're getting more of the same high quality science and CGI fun.  If you're not familiar, know that you can jump into this one at any time and there is no time like now.  This set is great for homeschoolers and classrooms and those who just love to learn about space in a very entertaining way!

DISC 1: Catastrophes that Changed the Planets / Nemesis: The Sun's Evil Twin / How the Solar System Was Made / Crash Landing on Mars / Worst Days on Planet Earth

DISC 2: God and the Universe / UFO The Real Deal / How Big, How Far, How Fast / Our Place in the Milky Way / Alien Sounds

DISC 3: Deep Freeze / Microscopic Universe / Ride the Comet / When Space Changed History

Interest Range: Documentary