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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Breakout Kings: The Complete First Season DVD Review

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Breakout Kings: The Complete First Season DVD Review

Synopsis: Suspenseful storylines and fascinating characters drive this riveting new series from the creators of "Prison Break". To help capture dangerous fugitives, two veteran federal marshals, Duchamp and his volatile Partner Zancanelli, recruit three convicts who are master escape artists themselves. Lloyd leads the way as the genius with a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor and a talent for predicting behavior. Joined by street-smart "entrepreneur" Shea, and sexy, expert tracker Erica, these "Breakout Kings" are out to prove it takes a con to catch a con.

Review: The Breakout Kings is a highly original show that airs on A&E.  This DVD set represents the complete first season of this great crime drama.  The show centers around a few convicts that are working with the police to apprehend other criminals in order to shorten their own sentence.  The show has all your major archetypes, though Lloyd is the most enjoyable character, by far.   This one is a fantastic watch and is sure to entertain with lots of personalities, action and drama.

The special features include: "Good Cons, Bad Cons", "Bullpen Sessions", "T Bag: Dealt a Bad Hand".

Interest Range: Action, Drama