Thursday, February 09, 2012

New Batman Imaginext For 2012

Here are a few items  hitting shelves this year.  See our full Imaginext archive on Legions of Gotham.


Les F. Kartchner and Julius Q. Vernon said...

Do you have an estimated release date for these items?

valdezlopez said...

Although it keeps the line going (more products to sell, cheaper production costs), I don't like how the powers that be at IMAGINEXT keep using the same molds for different purposes.

I like new, original designs. Not recycled molds. I bet that if the "Smaller Batcave" sells well, they'll reuse the same mold (different coloring and accessories, of course)for a fourth time as a future "Fortress of Solitude".

Other than that, I'm liking very much the inclusion of Batman's Rogues gallery. Could the Mad Hatter, Ras Al Gul or Man Bat be in their way?

I know female figures are harder still to come by (Catwoman was awesome), but I'm crossing my fingers for Batgirl or Poison Ivy!

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