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Monday, January 02, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai: Rangers Unite Book Review

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Power Rangers Samurai: Rangers Unite Book Review

About the Book: Get the essential Power Rangers Samurai backstory in this reader!

This reader, illustrated with images from the TV show, focuses on the Rangers as they continue to hone their powers and transition into their lives as Samurai Rangers. But evil master Xandred has discovered that by flooding the Netherworld’s river with the tears of humans, he may be able to rise back into our world. Can the Rangers work together to create a Samurai Megazord and battle Xandred's henchmen before it's too late? This story is based on an exciting one hour TV special.

This reader, illustrated with images from the TV show, tells the story of how the Red Ranger unites a new team of Samurai Rangers (Jayden, Kevin, Mike, Emily, and Mia) who are destined to save the world from evil. This action-packed story is based on a one hour TV movie special.

Our Take: This great storybook tells young Power Rangers fans the tale of how the new Ranger Samurai team was formed!  It has words mixed with screen shots from the actual TV show.  This one is a great read for any Power Ranger fan!

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