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Monday, November 07, 2011

Tony Hawk's 900 Revolution Volumes 1 and 2 Book Reviews!

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Tony Hawk's 900 Revolution Volumes 1 and 2 Book Reviews!

About the Volume One: Omar Grebes never slows down. When hes not shredding concrete at Ocean Beach Skate Park, hes kicking through surf at Imperial Beach or scarfing down fish tacos from the nearest roadside shop. Soon, his wiry six-foot frame and live-or-die lifestyle catch the attention of big-name sponsors. But one of them offers Omar more than he bargained for . . . a chance to join the mysterious 900 Revolution and claim a piece of history.

About Volume Two: When you skate in New York, its all about getting creative, and fourteen-year-old Dylan Crow considers himself a street artist. You wont catch him tagging alley walls. Instead, he paints the streets with his board. He wants to be seen grinding rails in Brooklyn, doing ollies at the Chelsea Piers, and launching kickflips in Manhattan. But when Dylan starts running with the wrong crowd, his future quickly becomes a lot less certain . . . until he discovers a new destiny.

Our Take: The 900 Revolution is a great new junior novel series that carries the Tony Hawk name.  Both of the books are about young kids that live for skateboarding.  They are great for ages 10 and up, although my 9 year old had absolutely no difficulty in reading and enjoying these cool new books.  They read well and are interjected with some cool graphics and several comic book style pages.   The kids are faced with moral dilemas and different paths and both end up joining the mysterious 900 Revolution club that helps to set them on the correct path!  These books are great and safe reads for your tweens.

How to Buy: Volume One - Volume Two