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Monday, November 07, 2011

The Perfect Gift DVD + CD Review

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The Perfect Gift DVD + CD Review

Synopsis: Hard times and holiday tensions teach a father, Michael Harris (Ruben Studdard, American Idol), what Christmas is all about. When both Michael and his wife Sandra’s (Golden Brooks, Girlfriends) parents come for an unannounced visit, what should be a joyous and festive holiday turns into chaos. Michael learns that of all the many gifts he gives to his family, the gift of giving oneself is the greatest gift of all.

Review: This moie was alright.  Its mostly a dramedy about in-laws and family.  As you might suspect, the all african american cast does indicate that the film is geared towards a certain target audience and style of humor and drama.  This isn't the quality of say a Tyler Perry movie, but as a Ruben Studdard puff flick it was alright.  The film comes with a bonus CD with Studdard's music, so if you're a fan of his from Idol, this one would definately be for you.

The special features on this DVD include: Bonus CD, Photo gallery, Buddy tells the jokes and Gramps sings.

Interest Range: Drama, Comedy