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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Adventures Of Tintin: Season One DVD Review

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The Adventures Of Tintin: Season One DVD Review

Synopsis: One of the most popular European classic comic strips of all time tells stories of the heroic escapades of youthful reporter Tintin and his loyal canine companion Snowy. From a comic that first appeared in 1929 by Belgian artist Herge, these delightful adventures were spun into books, magazines, TV series, radio programs and theater productions. The television series The Adventures Of Tintin (1991 1993) follows Tintin and Snowy in solving mysteries closely related to the much-loved original stories. A colorful cast of characters is along for the ride, including the salty Captain Haddock, handy Professor Calculus and clumsy Thomson & Thompson. Exploring the globe, solving mysteries and searching for truth and justice, Tintin and crew inspire the adventurer in all of us!

Now featured in a major motion picture that intertwines elements of two episodes included here (The Secret Of The Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure), the complete first season of the award-winning series is now available for your enjoyment on DVD for the first time!

Review: Shout! Factory is famous for releasing some of the best vintage animation on DVD.  This time around they're releasing The 1990s show Adventures of Tin Tin.  This release features the complete first season of the show.   The animation style was very remiscent of the original strips and the target audience is most definately a young audience.  The show is a lot of wholesome fun that is hard to find these days.  This is just the first of three seasons to release on DVD, so get started collecting this vintage favorite today, just in time for the live-action feature film.

Interest Range: Vintage Animation