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Friday, November 18, 2011

Rio Sex Comedy DVD Review

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Rio Sex Comedy DVD Review

Synopsis: The sun-drenched splendor of Rio de Janeiro provides the backdrop to this sexy comedy of romantic entanglement. Among the tourists who find themselves footloose and under the sway of the city's erotic spell are Charlotte Rampling (Swimming Pool) as a prominent British plastic surgeon warning that new looks don't solve old problems; Bill Pullman (Surveillance, Lost Highway) as a U.S. ambassador who seeks a break from his duties in one of city's most dangerous shanty towns; and Irene Jacob (Red, The Double Life of Veronique) as a French anthropologist whose proper nature is no match for the pleasures of Rio. Director Jonathan Nossiter (Mondovino) weaves the tales of these wanderers together into a holiday of sensual delight.

Review: Rio Sex Comedy isn't much of a comedy, lol.  It really hits more of a romantic drama.  This movie is basically a gratuitous film on how magical Rio is.  This is one of those ensemble flicks where the lives of all the characters intersect and come together in the end.  Its a nice watch, definately a good date night can snuggle with your honey and enjoy this one.

Interest Range: Drama, Romance