Thursday, November 10, 2011

Product Review: 13" Tonner Catwoman Doll

Product Review: 13" Tonner Catwoman Doll

About the Doll: Tonner®'s latest SELINA KYLE is taking one a whole new look.  13" CATWOMAN™ prowls they roofs of GOTHAM in a sleek zip-up bodysuit with high collar and matching belt, molded goggles, changeable black and natural hands, and faux leather boots.

Our Take: Here is our look at one of the first dolls in the new Tonner 13" scale dolls.  They come in at a lower price point, since they're at a smaller scale and the sculpt quality is still there!  This is the first Tonner Catwoman in the modern suit.  You can find her on the Tonner site for sale.

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