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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kidnapped DVD Review

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Kidnapped DVD Review

Synopsis: The most astounding and uncompromising film of the year, Miguel Angel Vivas KIDNAPPED is a masterpiece of tension and all-too-realistic violence. Jaime and Marta, along with their teenage daughter Isa, move into a gorgeous new home with the hopes of beginning a beautiful new phase of their life together. It s the dream of every hard-working family: a comfortable life in a place of their own. But the dream is shattered when a gang of masked men break in and take the entire family hostage, demanding Jaime hand over everything he has in the bank or watch his wife and daughter die. And so begins an unimaginable ordeal for Jaime and his family.  Winner of Best Picture and Best Director honors at Fantastic Fest 2010, KIDNAPPED has been declared impeccably crafted, flawlessly performed (Todd Brown, and a new genre classic. (John Fallon, Arrow In The Head).

Review: Kidnapped is not for the faint of heart.   If you're a fan of home invasion film, then this one may appeal to you.  The only thing is that this spanish-made film is a far cry more graphic!  This one has the basic character stereotypes and plot that you might imagine, but the violence and tone are there and it far surpasses its contemporaries, like "Funny Games", in that you get to see far more of the brutality involved.  If you have a strong stomach and a dark mind, you're gonna love this one.


Interest Range: Drama