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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: The Lion King Toys, Part 3

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The Lion King returns to our hearts this fall/winter on blu-ray and the toys have come back, as well!  Do you remember the figures, plush and PVCs from the mid-1990s?   Well, a fantastic company, Just Play, has produced a fantastic Wal-Mart exclusive toyline full of near identical product that is sure to please everyone!  I can't tell you how much like a kid I felt when I stumbled upon the full display at our local store...its such a joy and what a fun chance to build a great Lion King collection as a Disney fan or to shower your kids with toys from a classic Disney that are rather scarce to come by these days!  Either way...WIN!  Each of these products is fantastically made and comes highly recommended by Toy Legion!