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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ghost Warrior DVD Review

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Ghost Warrior DVD Review

Synopsis: While exploring a cave, two skiers find the body of a 400-year-old samurai warrior entombed in ice. He is brought to the United States in a hush-hush operation and revived through cryosurgery. Unfortunately, he is then forced to battle for his freedom, dignity and life.

Review: This film was originally released under the title Swordkill, before undergoing the name change for home video.  Released in the mid 1980s, this one is a sign of the times through the clothing, music and attitudes, but the action is timeless!  The basis of the film is basically Encino Man meets Samurai.  Its weird, but completely fun.  If you collect martial arts film, like I do, then you're used to some campy stuff..this one is no exception, but as I said the action and swordplay is absolutely solid.  This is part of the MGM manufacture on demand DVD series.  These films are not found in stores, so get yours online today and add this great film to your personal library.

Interest Range: Martial Arts, Vintage