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Monday, November 07, 2011

Draw DC Universe: Learn to Draw the Heroes and the Villains Book Review

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Draw DC Universe: Learn to Draw the Heroes and the Villains Book Review

About the Book: This book is a complete how-to-draw package, jammed with expert tips and techniques, tons of practice space, and of course, a universe of DC heroes and villains. The draw-right-in-it book comes with everything you need: a sketching pencil, a drawing marker, artist’s pencils in six colors, a big block eraser to fight crimes against the page, stencils, and translucent overlays scattered throughout for can’t-fail tracing activities.

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Our Take: We love Dc Comics here at Book Legion and over at our network site Legions of Gotham.  This book was brought to our attention not from a press release or an email, but by my son.  We were walking through a local craft store and my son ran, not walked, ran up to me waving this book.  Well, I was instantly hooked, so we partnered with the fine folks at Klutz to check it out and shrare our results with you all.  

I love to draw.  I drew during school, I drew during work and in my adult life I'm a gallery exhibiting painter.  My first love is comic book style art, but I must confess I've never been all that great at it.  Well, let me tell you this Klutz book changed all that for me!  Firstly, my son did a few drawings..he started with the simple line and shape drawings in the book and followed their step by step instructions through to the final detailed drawing and it was amazing.  He has talent as it is, but this book helped him learn and understand things about bodies and porportion that set his skill level up quite a few notches.  So, I tried it out and it did the same for me, I'm embaressed to say, since this one is geared towards kids, lol.  

This book rocks.  It comes with colored pencils that you can utilize in your drawings and a marker that we found didn't work so well, but that was inconsequential.  The characters you can draw range from Batman and Supes to Scarecrow, Robin, Flash, Green Arrow and more!  This book is great for collectors and a must for any adult or kid that wants to improve their comic book style drawing skills! 

This book comes With: pencil, drawing marker, 3 double-tipped pencils in 6 colors, block eraser, 2 pages of stencils

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