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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Clannad: Complete Collection Blu-Ray Review

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Clannad: Complete Collection Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Tortured by his past and pained by an uncertain future, Tomoya drifts through life with an almost overwhelming anger and emptiness. But when he meets the mysterious, beautiful, and shy Nagisa, his world seems to change. Drawn in by her gentle but lonely spirit, he begins to experience the joy life can bring. But as he discovers the reason for his newfound friend's loneliness, Tomoya also finds that life can be frighteningly fragile. Contains episodes 1-24.

Review: We enjoy anime here at the Legion and no one has been putting out better features and collections lately than Sentai Filmworks and Section 23!   This is your chance to get the complete Clannad series on blu-ray high-definition!  This series centers around Tomoya, who is tired of his life, and mainly school, until he meets a beautiful girl by the name of Nagisa.   This series is a romantic drama that takes you on a series of fantastic turns and not only has great character development, but manages to cram a fantastic amount of story and drama into just 24 epsiodes of a series.  The anime follows the style of the original manga artwork and is an absolute joy to watch.

Interest Range: Anime