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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Carjacked Blu-Ray Review

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Carjacked Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Two-time Golden Globe nominee Maria Bello of ''Prime Suspect'' stars as Lorraine, a stressed out single mom harassed by an abusive ex-husband and struggling to raise her 8-year-old son. Her world changes in an instant when she and her child are carjacked by a fugitive bank robber (Stephen Dorff of Immortals) and taken on a desperate cross-country drive to retrieve his loot. But Lorraine refuses to be a victim. She is about to take control and fight back. And tonight, what she will do to survive may lead to the most shocking crimes of all. Joanna Cassidy (''Six Feet Under'') and Catherine Dent (''The Shield'') co-star in this intense action-thriller from the director of THE MARINE.

Review: Ok, now if you enjoy action films, like I do, then you'll be used to a pretty sketchy level of touch and go when it comes to acting and cliche plots.  Carjacked is definately in this category.  The action is solid, the drama is there, but its definately nothing we haven't seen before.  The plot points are very predictable and the characters a bit laughable at times, but that is kind of the charm of these types of films.  You have to enjoy the camp.  This one is a great addition to the extensive history of the action-suspense genre.

Interest Range: Action, Drama