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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Big Lesbian Love Collector's Set DVD Review

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Big Lesbian Love Collector's Set DVD Review

Synopsis: Big Lesbian Love Collector Set This quartet of top lesbian romances includes a gorgeous pair of Big Apple love stories, The Four-Faced Liar and My Normal plus two equally fresh West Coast American indies the smart and sexy And Then Came Lola and the legendary Jamie Babbitt hit, Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Enjoy some Big Lesbian Love! The Four-Faced Liar Intelligent, sexy and witty snapshot of messy relationships... sexual awakening. The irresistible Marja-Lewis Ryan falls unexpectedly in love with a straight girl (fresh-faced Emily Peck) in this super-smart comedy about drama. My Normal A comic romp! Variety Fashion model-actress Nicole LaLiberte stars in this fresh American indie about a New York dominatrix trying to balance her work, her artistic dreams and her girlfriend! And Then Came Lola Run, don t walk, to this one! Philadelphia Gay News Sexy Ashleigh Sumner stars as a San Francisco photographer under pressure to save her job and her relationship. Co-starring Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono. Itty Bitty Titty Committee Jamie Babbit s follow-up to But I m a Cheerleader is smarter, funnier and more accomplished than its predecessor. LA WEEKLY From the director of But I m A Cheerleader! Sexy young Melonie Diaz joins a gang of Feminist activists and falls in love with their leader, Nicole Vicius.

Review: The market is flooded with romantic comedy, but unfortunately, there is little diversity.  If you're a straight white person then you're the target audience clearly, but to the millions of lesbians in our country..what do they get to watch?  What embodies romance for them on the big screen?   Fortunately, there are filmmakers out there that recognize this need and there are some really great romantic comedies geared towards the LGBT community.  All four of these films are fantastic in their own ways and would appeal to any audience, gay or straight.  The themes of love and romance are universal.  This is a fantastic collector's set and would make an excellent Xmas gift!

Interest Range: Romance, LGBT