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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Behind The Mask DVD Review

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Behind The Mask DVD Review

Synopsis: Amateur sleuth Lamont Cranston, alias "The Shadow," is called upon to solve the murder of a newspaper columnist.

Review: This film is an early incarnation of the classic radio hero the Shadow!  This is part of a trio of films that were produced back in 1946, starring Kane Richmond.  I found this one to be quite enjoyable.  I collect a lot of superhero film and to have this early Shadow pulp film is a fantastic addition to my collection.  The acting was solid and the action was fun.  I only wish that I had the other two in this series now!  This is part of the MGM manufacture on demand DVD series.  These films are not found in stores, so get yours online today and add this great film to your personal library.

Interest Range: Vintage, Mystery