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Friday, November 18, 2011

American Restoration: Volume One DVD Review

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American Restoration: Volume One DVD Review

Synopsis: One of Pawn Stars' most popular experts Rick Dale runs Las Vegas based Rick's Restorations, a family business that finds, restores and upcycles cool objects ranging from Cadillacs to Coke Machines. On Pawn Stars, he's restored everything from barber chairs to a 1937 gas pump. The before and after reveals of his work are always highlights on Pawn Stars, in part because of the history nuggets Rick Dale shares about each object, including where, when and why they were invented, who used them and how fixing or transforming them changes their value.

Review: We were first introduced to Rick Dale on one of our favorite shows, Pawn Stars.  He is an absolute expert when it comes to restoration of antique machines and furniture.  Its not cheap, but he does the trick!  This is his own show, it features his team and the insights into his own business.  This one is a great watch for anyone interested in antiques and restoration.  You also get to learn quite a bit about the various rare objects that Dale works with.  We highly recommend this one.  It'd make a great Xmas gift.

Interest Range: Reality, Antiques