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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pawn Stars: Volume Three DVD Review

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Pawn Stars: Volume Three DVD Review

Synopsis: Venture inside the one family-run pawn shop in Las Vegas, where three generations of men use their sharp-eyed skills to carefully assess the value of items ranging from the obscure to the historic. In PAWN STARS, the rarely tactful and always confrontational Harrison family finds the gems and busts the fakes, all in hopes of making the biggest profit possible.

Review: Pawn Stars is one of the favorite shows in our house.  We watch it religiously and we own the first two seasons on DVD.  We're collectors and its great to learn so much about the various artifacts and collectibles that come through their Vegas-based pawn shop.  This DVD set is titled volume three, because it is NOT the complete third season of the show, which disappoints us a bit.  This DVD only has the first 16 episodes of the season, which accounts for just a little more than half of what is out there.   We hope that they'll release another volume collecting the rest of the season soon!   This season had more of the great same old with Rick, the Old Man, Chumlee and Big Haus! 

Interest Range: Reality TV, Collectibles