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Monday, September 19, 2011

Clash Of Empires Blu-Ray Review

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Clash Of Empires Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: The mighty, warring forces of Rome, China, and Malaysia collide in this unforgettable, action-packed epic. In 120 AD, a warrior and descendant of Alexander the Great named Merong is tasked with accompanying a Roman prince through the dangerous regions of Asia ruled by the expanding Han Dynasty. Their destination: a beautiful princess whose kidnapping sets them on a course that will alter the fate of the entire world. Spectacular, lavish, and emotional in the tradition of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, this pulse-pounding mixture of sweeping adventure and relentless martial arts will take you to the dawn of our modern civilization.

Review: Ok, when I watch a film like Clash of Empires or 300 I'm not looking for a history lesson.  Its ok to me that they borrow some true elements and change others..Hollywood does this all of the time.  This film is an epic journey that has amazing scenery, magical costumes and a great plot.  There is a ton of great action and some very decent acting here.  If you dig shows like Spartacus, like we do, then this one will definately be for you.

Interest Range: Action, Drama