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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Season 1 DVD Review

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Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Season 1 DVD Review

Synopsis: Best-selling author Brad Meltzer loves a good mystery. A history enthusiast known for his immaculate research, he has studied and written about some of America s most revered institutions and documents. But sometimes, he uncovers unverifiable stories that keep him awake at night. Is there another hidden message buried in the Statue of Liberty? What happened to the White House cornerstone that s been missing for two centuries? Could it be true that John Wilkes Booth lived for 40 years after his presumed death under an assumed identity?

In the new 10-part series BRAD MELTZER S DECODED, Meltzer scours secret clues, symbols and conspiracy theories to unravel some of society s most provocative enigmas. And the deeper he digs into the past, the more we learn about our future.

Together with a team of experts Buddy Levy, a professor and journalist who assumes there is always more than meets the eye; Christine McKinley, a mechanical engineer who believes only what she can prove; and Scott Rolle, a trial lawyer who is skeptical by nature Meltzer hunts for answers to questions that have perplexed us for centuries yet have never been fully investigated.

Review: I had the pleasure of speaking to Brad Meltzer a few years ago on the telephone while he was writing the Dc Comics "Identity Crisis" storyline.  He was a very pleasant guy and quite friendly.  When I saw that he was hosting a conspiracy show on one of my favorite networks, the History Channel, I couldn't wait!  We tuned in the night it premiered and from that point, we were hooked.

Decoded takes an in-depth look into various mysteries and unanswered questions.  His team of investigators takes a candid look inside of various issues and we watch it all unfold in a very candid manner.  Its definately unscripted and always informative.  We highly recommend this one!

Interest Range: History Channel, Conspiracies