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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Venom #1 Re-deploys A Third Time!

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Venom #1 Re-deploys A Third Time!
Marvel is pleased to announce that Venom #1 will be going back to press yet again with Venom #1 Third Printing Variant by the superstar creative team of Rick Remender and Tony Moore! America’s newest black ops agent, Flash Thompson, hits the ground running taking on the missions too dangerous for the Marines, too secret for the White House... and too messy for Avenger.
It’s official, Venom is a hit!
“Remender and Moore have once again proven that any project with their names on it deserves your money and your attention.” – Rafael Gaitan, ComicsBulletin.com
 “If Remender and Moore can keep up this level of work on the book, we might have a character-defining series on our hands…” – Erik Norris, IGN .com
“It’s a new direction and one that works so well because it is so different from the past, or anything else out there right now.” – Ryan K Lindsay, ComicBookResources.com
Can Flash maintain composure inside a suit made from a sadistic symbiote? Find out as the nation’s newest man in black explores the shadows of the Marvel Universe in Venom #1 Third Printing Variant!
Pencils by TONY MOORE
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC – 5/30/11, ON SALE – 6/22/11