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Friday, May 27, 2011

Deadly Shooter DVD Review

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Deadly Shooter DVD Review

Synopsis: Headlined by country music legend Randy Travis (National Treasure: Book Of Secrets) and action star Michael Dudikoff (American Ninja, “Cobra”), this gun-slinging Western traces the story of a “shooter” with a deadly reputation who takes a stand against a controlling family that is terrorizing a small town.

Review: Deadly Shooter is a modern day rendition of the classic western film.  Not since Tombstone have we seen a great and serious western worth speaking of...until now.  This one stars country music singer Randy Travis, who is surprisingly good, and martial arts legend Michael Dudikoff!  While Dudikoff isn't the best actor out there, he really pulls it off for this film.  It has drama and action and everything we want for a classic tale of good vs. evil in the wild west!

Interest Range: Western