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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Four Lions Blu-Ray Review

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Four Lions Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: A whip-smart, slapstick comedy, Chris Morris’ Four Lions takes aim at Jihadi suicide bombers and illuminates the war on terror through satire and farce. Follow five inept aspiring terrorists on their quest to strike a blow, and how they demonstrate that terrorism may be about ideology, but it can also be about idiots.

Review: Four Lions is another one of those films that perhaps should've carried a more interesting title.  It really throws you off to the quality that is this dark, dark comedy.  At it's core Four Lions is about four idiot british would-be terrorists that fumble their way through a plot of destruction.  The film is whitty, well thought out comedy that really entertains.  This is one of those you just have to see to believe.  If you enjoy political and social satire, thats a plus with this one.

Interest Range: Comedy, Satire