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Monday, January 17, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - New BattleFronts: The Visual Guide Book Review

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - New BattleFronts: The Visual Guide Book Review
About the Book: Follow the action to the new battlefronts of Star Wars: The Clone Wars! Featuring bounty hunters, old and new characters, vehicles, weapons, and high-tech equipment, this visual guide reveals all the unforgettable stories and explosive moments from the first two seasons of the blockbuster TV series. New images, character poses, and exotic worlds will keep young Jedi rapt and reading!

Our Take: We love Star Wars here at the Legion.  Thats no secret.  I mean, who doesn't?  We have two perspectives here...that of the adult fan who has loved the franchise since its inception and that of my 8 year old boy that has a very different perspective on whats cool.   We both agree that this book is cool.

There are so many Star Wars books produced that we choose to not feature all of them.  The newer Clone Wars animated series has breathed new life into the series after the prequels were finished.  There are so many kids that are into Star Wars now strictly thanks to the cartoon.  This book is based on the first two seasons of the Cartoon Network show.

This is a hardcover oversized book with no dust jacket.  It was published by DK, who has a great reputation for fantastic guide books.  This one takes you through scenes, major events and even bios for the major players in the series.  Its well layed out and fun to read.  This one is cool for a collector to put on his shelf and its even better to share with your kids.

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