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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Two Dads: You Can Count on Me DVD Review

My Two Dads: You Can Count on Me DVD Review

Synopsis: It is often said that two is better than one. And for a young girl named Nicole Bradford, the old adage would be put to the test. With the untimely death of her mother, she learned that her mom had been splitting her romantic time between two men, and upon her death, both were awarded custody of the girl. Such was the premise of the television sitcom, My Two Dads.

This feel-good family sitcom promises to put a smile on your face with each episode! When 12-year old Nicole Bradford is left orphaned by her mother's passing, Judge Margaret Wilbur places her in the custody of two quarreling former best friends, both of whom are suspected of being her biological father: conservative financial advisor Michael Taylor (Paul Reiser, Mad About You) and liberal artist Joey Harris (Greg Evigan, TekWar). The mix-ups of two single straight men raising a teen-aged daughter provided the story each week.

Review: I want to preface this review by saying that this DVD is being released under the 'TV Flashbacks' branding that Mill Creek Entertainment has created.  TV Flashbacks is a really cool new way to get ahold of some crappy old shows!  I love it.  One such show?  My Two Dads.

When I say its a crappy show I'm not putting down the show per say.  I enjoyed the show as a kid.  It gave us Paul Reiser pre-Mad About You and a pre-Step by Step Staci Keanan...two actors that had very successful shows after this late-1980s sitcom.  Whats cool about this is the DVD offers you 10 episodes for a very low price, around $7-$10 depending on where you buy.   To be honest, 10 episodes is more than I can stomach.   TV has come a LONG way since this, and the heading TV Flashbacks is perfect.  I'm very retro and I love to go back and look at things of the past...but all I need is a little reminder and tasting of what was, I don't need full season sets of shows like this, so this DVD is perfect!!

Interest Range: Vintage TV, Sitcoms