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Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Hurts DVD Review

Love Hurts DVD Review

Synopsis: After Ben's wife leaves him, his 17-year-old son Justin gives him a makeover that makes him the most popular single man in town. But soon his swinging lifestyle catches up to him and Ben decides to win back his one true love.

Review: This film was a great little film about the complications of a modern love affair.  When a man's wife leaves him his son gets him made over and ready to date...but after his nurse, some twins and a crazy gymnist, he decides he wants his wife back.  This film is funny, but in the way that Dinner for Schmucks was funny...its painful.  Funny...but painful.  The film has a lot of heart and a great cast that really rounds it out and makes it an enjoyable watch.

Interest Range: Romantic Comedy, Drama