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Monday, January 24, 2011

Gun Blu-Ray Review

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Gun Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: In the face of rising crime rates and gun violence, the Detroit Police launches a full-scale war against gun runners. With the cooperation of the Feds they target a criminal named Rich (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) and his arms operation. When a gun exchange goes bad and Rich’s old friend Angel (Val Kilmer), steps up big time and saves his life, they form a bond that makes his supplier and lover, Gabriella (AnnaLynne McCord) paranoid. But there is a snitch in the group and Gabriella’s biggest deal goes bad only to have an even bigger secret revealed, one that rocks Rich to his core.

Review: This new film is a crime drama featuring Val Kilmer and 50 Cent.  Normally I would immediately dismiss this film as cliche and absurd by the cover, but I decided to give it a fair watch.  Val Kilmer has earned that from me for his years of good service in films like the Doors, Real Genius, Top Secret and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  I'm not a rap fan, so 50 Cent doesn't hold any special place for me, although I have seen other rappers transcend the barrier and become entertaining actors (Ice Cube, Ice-T).  

This film has a lot of grit and a lot of action.  The plot is somewhat predictable, no real shockers here, but it was an enjoyable ride.  The film is well-made, a good script and fine acting.  50 Cent impressed me with his acting abilities, I think he has a definite future, although probably strictly in this genre.  The film looks great in high-definition.  I recommend for anyone that enjoys modern crime drama.

Interest Range: Drama, Crime