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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Turning Green DVD Review

Turning Green DVD Review

Synopsis: 16-year-old James Powers finds himself lost after his mother dies and he is forced to live with his three Irish aunts. Displaced and distressed, he longs to come back to America. One lucky weekend, desperate for cash after learning the ropes with bookies, gamblers and crooks, James starts a wildly successful business of selling illegal magazines on the black market. Tough, street smart and with cash in his pocket, he must now decide where home really is...

Review:The title to this film, Turning Green, is a reference to an American boy that is sent to live with his aunts in Ireland after his mother passes away.   The film is basically his struggle to mesh with a crime-infested area of Ireland and learn to deal with some very serious and very damaging people.  The film includes Irish stars, such as Colm Meany and Timothy Hutton in great criminal roles.  Hutton gets a lot more attention now, especially on movie covers, thanks to his hit TNT show Leverage.  I must admit that I have a soft spot for him now, whereas before I couldn't have cared less.  In this film he's a hardcore enforcer and does a great job of it.   The acting in this one is top notch is great for anyone interested in crime drama.

Interest Range: Drama