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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Year of Getting to Know Us DVD Review

The Year of Getting to Know Us DVD Review

Synopsis: Growing up with wacky, dysfunctional parents, New York writer Chris Rocket finds his world turned upside down again when he returns to his childhood home in Florida. With a family like this, he’ll be lucky to last the week. Starring Jimmy Fallon, Sharon Stone, Lucy Liu and Tom Arnold.

Review: The Year of Getting to Know Us has a great cast for an indie flick and you'd expect to see something pretty funny from Jimmy Fallon, right?  Wrong!  This is a thinkin' man's drama.  This is a comedy in the same way Garden State was a comedy from Zach Braff.  It just wasn't, but what we did get was an epic drama about life and love and family.  I can highly recommend this one.

Interest Range: Drama