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Monday, December 20, 2010

Rush Hour Blu-Ray Review

Rush Hour Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: The wildly popular power-packed duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker come together on Blu-Ray with the explosive first film that launches the successful Rush Hour franchise.  Jackie Chan (Rumble In The Bronx) and Chris Tucker (Friday) star in this blockbuster action/comedy about a Hong Kong cop and LAPD maverick teaming up to rescue a Chinese consul's kidnapped daughter.

Review: I find it odd to be reviewing a film like Rush Hour.  The original buddy flick, featuring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, spawned two sequels and has been seen by pretty much everyone that has interest in seeing it.  What I will do is tell you about the blu-ray release.  This film has been transfered into high-definition for the first time and it looks great.  The colors really pop and the sound is fantastic.  I don't see any evidence of grain or soft edges.  I'm not insane about high-definition, so I don't knit pick every bit of it, but I am sensitive to any grainy picture or lack of actual resolution and this film has none of that.  It looks great to me, its still funny and this is definately a solid release.

Interest Range: Action/Adventure, Jackie Chan