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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MicMacs DVD Review

MicMacs DVD Review

Synopsis: First it was a mine that exploded in the middle of the Moroccan desert. Years later, it was a stray bullet that lodged in his brain... Bazil doesn't have much luck with weapons. The first made him an orphan, the second holds him on the brink of sudden, instant death. Released from the hospital after his accident, Bazil is homeless. Luckily, our inspired and gentle-natured dreamer is quickly taken in by a motley crew of junkyard dealers living in a veritable Ali Baba's cave. The group's talents and aspirations are as surprising as they are diverse: Remington, Calculator, Buster, Slammer, Elastic Girl, Tiny Pete, and Mama Chow. Then one day, walking by two huge buildings, Bazil recognizes the logos of the weapons manufacturers that caused all of his misfortune. He sets out to take revenge, with the help of his faithful gang of wacky friends. Underdogs battling heartless industrial giants, our gang relive the battle of David and Goliath, with all the imagination and fantasy of Buster Keaton...

Review: This film is crazy!  Brought to us by eccentric French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, City of Lost Children) Micmacs is a tale of naive but poignant characters that join together for a justified plot of revenge.  Bazil has terrible luck with weapons.  They have caused him to be fatherless and then serious injured to the point where he could die at any moment.  He meets a group of odd and specialized miscreants that eventually assist him in exacting revenge on the weapons company he feels is responsible for the woes in his life.

The film is odd and strange.  Its visually entertaining and has elements of film that were passed on years ago, but made a long overdue comeback.  This film is fresh, interesting and full of zest.  We HIGHLY recommend it for anyone looking for something truly different.

The special features on this DVD include: Commentary with Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, The Making of Micmacs, Q&A with Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Actress Julie Ferrier and Animations: Absurd Deaths

Interest Range: Fantasy, Drama