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Monday, December 20, 2010

CHEYENNE: The Complete Second Season DVD Review

CHEYENNE: The Complete Second Season DVD Review

CHEYENNE: The Complete Second Season, now on DVD exclusively at

Synopsis: Cheyenne Bodie rides again in more of the straightforward cowboy adventures that made the Cheyenne series – 8 seasons and 108 episodes total – one of the most durable TV Westerns. Rugged Clint Walker plays the title role, a loner in the lawless West who brings a sense of justice to his heroics in these 20 wide-ranging, open-range episodes involving the powerful (President Grant is the target of kidnappers), the weak (an orphaned infant), rustlers, thieves, killers, connivers and Chief Sitting Bull. Lots of stars shine in this West: guest stars/co-stars include Dan Blocker, Diane Brewster, Peggie Castle, Richard Crenna, John Carradine, Angie Dickinson, James Garner and Dennis Hopper.

Review: Cheyenne ran for a total of seven seasons back in the 1950s, the heyday for westerns.  This second season is being released on DVD for the first time, exclusively through the Warner Archive online!

This second season comes in two DVD parts and includes a total of 20 great episodes.  I've really gotten back into classic western again recently and this show tops the list of quality programming, along with Gunsmoke.  Cheyenne was a riveting show that had not only great western tales, but amazing guest stars from Angie Dickinson to James Garner and Dennis Hopper!  I found this DVD season to be a great look back to vintage TV.  My kids enjoyed seeing something so different.  All around, a great release for any fan of westerns or vintage TV.

The episodes on these two DVD parts include:

Cheyenne: Season 2 (Part 1)
1. The Dark Rider
2. The Long Winter
3. Death Deals the Hand
4. The Bounty Killers
5. The Law Man
6. Mustang Trail
7. Lone Gun
8. The Trap
9. The Iron Trail
10. Land Beyond The Law

Cheyenne: Season 2 (Part 2)
11. Test of Courage
12. War Party
13. Deadline
14. Big Ghost Basin
15. Born Bad
16. The Brand
17. Decision at Gunsight
18. The Spanish Grant
19. Hard Bargain
20. The Broken Pledge


Interest Range: Western