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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales DVD Review

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales DVD Review

Synopsis: Tis the season for the cheer and charm of the Peanuts kids - and this delight special offers five segments full of unforgettable moments. Snoopy works as a bell-ringer to raise money and tries making peace with the ferocious cat next door. Linus strives to strike the right tone in his letter to Santa - and his friendship with an indecisive girl at school. Sally's idea about gift giving and the identity of Santa may be unusual - but her strange notion about how to obtain a Christmas tree surprisingly does the job. Lucy tries awfully hard to be nice...and still coax everyone around her to buy her presents. Charlie Brown and Sally wait up for Santa (a surprisingly short man), who spreads Christmas gift cheer further than they had thought. Make merry!

Review: Its the 60th anniversary of the classic Peanuts characters and we're getting more and more DVD releases!  The cartoons have been so prolific over the years that its hard to collect them all.  Thankfully, this new 18 minute DVD captures a few tales that cannot be found anywhere else.  Its short, but sweet in these tales that not only entertain, but in true Peanuts fashion also bring an emotional reaction.  This is a great DVD that will please any collector and make parents happy.

Interest Range: Charlie Brown, Xmas, Animation