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Monday, December 20, 2010

50 Modern Artists You Should Know Book Review

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50 Modern Artists You Should Know Book Review

About the Book: A century and a half of masterpieces is covered in this chronologically arranged volume that beautifully captures the development of art in a new age.

Starting with James Abbott McNeill Whistler and ending with Matthew Barney, nearly every prominent figure in Modern art is represented in vibrant double-page spreads that show how these artists continued to redefine norms and challenge tradition. Fascinating biographical and anecdotal information about each artist is provided alongside large reproductions of their most celebrated works, stunning details, and images of the artists themselves. A color-coded timeline spans the entire volume, showing overlapping careers and important historical dates. From the impressionists to the surrealists, the cubists to the pop-artists-readers will find a wealth of information as well as hours of enjoyment learning about this popular and prolific period in art history.

Our Take: I'm an artist and a student of art, so when I see a book titled "50 Modern Artists You Should Know", I certainly pay attention!   This book features artists from Dali to Van Gogh all the way to my personal favorite Henri De Toulouse Lautrec!  Each artist gets at least one full-color image and a small bio about them with a timeline and picture of the artist.  This is a great reference to flip through and a nice way to educate you or someone else on some major artists from the past 200 years!

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