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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

16 Wishes Blu-Ray Review

16 Wishes Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Debby Ryan (Disney’s The Suite Life on Deck) stars with Jean-Luc Bilodeau (Kyle XY) in this spellbinding comedy about what happens when your most outrageous wishes…come outrageously true! Abby Jensen has been dreaming about her “sweet 16” since she was a little girl…but it starts out anything but sweet. Then she receives a box of mysteriously magical birthday candles. And suddenly, Abby’s every wish is instantly granted: the cherry-red sports car, the way-cool clothes, the uber-popularity at school. But when Abby makes a wish that turns her perfect new life totally upside down, she and her best friend Jay have just one chance to make things right – and to learn you have to be careful what you wish for…really, really careful!

Review: 16 Wishes is a coming of age type of drama that includes bits of light-hearted comedy and sweet ideals.  The tale is of a young girl that gets a magical set of candles on her 16th birthday.  Each wish she makes comes true, but the consequences of each wish show her that she should be thankful for what she already has.  The lessons in this tween geared film are to enjoy the place you are in and not to rush what life has to already offer.

Its a very sweet kids movie and definately one your young ones may enjoy.  It includes stars from Disney Channel's Sweet Life on Deck and Kyle XY, so the familiar faces definately add to the fun! 

Interest Range: Drama, Tweens