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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Player Blu-Ray Review

The Player Blu-Ray Review 

Synopsis: “Movies. Now more than ever!” That’s the motto of the movie studio where fast-tracking exec Griffin Bell (Tim Robbins) works. But rumor has it a power play could push Bell out. And a rejected writer who’s sending anonymous death threats could push him under. Robert Altman directs this acclaimed and satiric love/hate valentine to Hollywood, and from the bravura opening tracking shot to the spot-the-star cameos (60+!) to the inside skinny of studio life to the gleeful finale, you’re in good, knowing hands. The Player. Now more than ever!

Review: The Player is one of those films that was highly overlooked in it's day.  It did well and all, pulling in just over 21 million, which back in 1992 when it was released was a really good haul!  Its one of those films that hasn't developed a large staying power.  You don't see it re-run on television a whole lot and no one really talks about it in passing, but it was a really great film that should be deemed a Hollywood cult hit.

The film looks great on blu-ray!  The high definition transfer really took well!  Its wonderful to see so many films actually getting a respectable transfer after so many misses early on.  The Player is definately a great film to add to your library.  You can rest assured that the upgrade to blu-ray is fantastic.
Interest Range: Drama, Satire