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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Pirates of Dark Water: The Complete Series DVD Review

The Pirates of Dark Water: The Complete Series DVD Review

Synopsis: High adventure awaits those courageous enough to join this misfit crew as they sail the mysterious 20 seas surrounding the alien world of Mer. Led by the young prince Ren, these unlikely heroes follow an enchanted compass through dangers beyond their wildest fears, seeking the 13 Treasures of Rule, which will release the troubled planet from the deadly dark waters devouring its surface. As if the fate of the world wasn’t enough, Ren must also defeat the evil pirate Lord Bloth, who follows Ren’s sails intent to steal the treasures he uncovers. For swashbuckling action, you’ll find that a pirate’s life is for you: grab the seagoing bounty of the 4-Disc, 21-Episode The Pirates of Dark Water Complete Series Collection!

Review: The Pirates of Dark Water was a 21 episode series by Hanna Barbera that ran in the early 1990s from 1991 to 1993.  The Warner Archive is now releasing the complete series on DVD exclusively through their online store! 

This toon was a lot of fun.  It featured a band of pirates seeking out the 13 Treasures of Rule, lead by Ren, a young prince.   Its an action-adventure series that was cut short.  There was even an accompanying action figure toyline from Hasbro.

The only downside to the DVD is that it comes with no extra features.  Its a solid release with a complete animated series.  If you enjoyed this cartoon as a kid or if you never got a chance to check it out, now you can!

Interest Range: Vintage Animation, Cartoons