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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sesame Street - Preschool is Cool: Counting w/ Elmo DVD Review

Sesame Street - Preschool is Cool: Counting w/ Elmo DVD Review

Synopsis: Professor Grover is the teacher in preschool and Elmo is his helper for today's counting lesson! But when silly Professor Grover starts to have trouble remembering what each number is, can Elmo and the class help him out? Featuring number and counting themed stories and songs, "count" on having lots of fun with furry friends Grover and Elmo in a real preschool. After all, preschool is cool!

Review: We love Sesame Street here at the Legion.  Whenever a new Sesame Street DVD comes on the market we have to check it out!  I also have little ones, so its of particular interest to me.  

This new DVD focuses mostly on counting.  You know..the basics, but with our favorite muppets doing the teaching!  Nothing focuses a kid better than Elmo.  The DVD also delves into some light math and skip counting, which may be advanced for some kids, but its a great advance into what they teach them in 1st and 2nd grades!

This is a fantastic DVD...great for any parent..also good if you plan to homeschool.  Every tool helps!

Interest Range: Preschool, Sesame Street, Educational