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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glee: The Complete First Season Blu-Ray Review!

Glee: The Complete First Season Blu-Ray Review!

Synopsis: Join the club and bring home the fun with Glee Karaoke and Glee Jukebox— available only on DVD! A talented group of high school misfits transforms into a performing sensation with the help of a dedicated teacher. Through laughter, tears, irreverent humor and unforgettable music, they learn to follow their hearts and chase their dreams.

Review: One of the hottest shows on television right now is one that I wouldn't have picked out of a line-up.   Glee is a strange mix of dark humor, drama and music that seems to really appeal to people, so we thought we'd check it out for ourselves with this new blu-ray release of the complete first season.

The show is very well written and the character development is really on the money.  The music didn't start to outweigh the story until the end of the season.  Jane Lynch is definately a stand-out performer on this show, she is wicked and hilarious as always.  Overall, a cool show and now anyone like us that hadn't seen the full season can pick this up and experience the entire thing.  Fans of the show will love the disturbingly HUGE list of extras....

The extras on this release include:
All four discs have Glee music jukeboxes. The fourth disc also has:
Glee Sing-Along Karaoke
Staying in Step With Glee
Sue's Corner
Bite Their Style: Dress Like Your Favorite Gleek
The Power of Madonna
Making of a Showstopper
Welcome to McKinley!
Glee Music Video
Full Length Audition Pieces
Fox Movie Channel Presents Casting Session
Deconstructing Glee with Ryan Murphy
Dance Boot Camp
Jane Lynch A to Glee
Meet Jane Lynch
5 Things you don’t know about Jayma
7 Things you don’t know about Cory
6 Things you don’t know about Amber
7 Things you don’t know about Chris
Video Diaries
Interest Range: Musical, Drama