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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dragon's Domain Book Review

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Dragon's Domain Book Review

About the Book: The ultimate practical dragon art book from fantasy art legend Bob Eggleton, designed specially to introduce you to the materials and techniques you will need to paint amazing dragons and monsters. Packed with photographs, design drawings and notes, step-by-step projects and final artwork to help beginner artists master the essential techniques. Detailed Dragon Workshops show the development of Bob?s classic dragon paintings, from conceptualization through to final execution, including Eastern and Western dragons, sea dragons, space dragons, elemental dragons and other fantastic beasts.

Our Take: The book Dragon's Domain bills itself as "The Ultimate Dragon Painting Workshop" and honestly, I'd have to agree.  The readers here all know that I'm an exhibiting painter myself, but I've never delved into the realm of fantasy art, though I have a deep respect and appreciation for it.  Dragon's Domain is a really handy new book that takes readers through various techniques involved with sketching, constructing and painting fantastic fantasy art dragons!

The author, Bob Eggleton, takes you though everything from serious to cartoony concepts and gives you great tips that really make you think while developing your artwork.  This is a fantastic book and I definately recommend to anyone interested in starting to draw or perfecting your drawing of dragons!

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