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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Celebrated Women of Color Film Collection Volume 2 DVD Review

Celebrated Women of Color Film Collection Volume 2 DVD Review


Holiday Heart (2000)
Based on the wildly successful play by writer Cheryl L. West, Holiday Heart is a "poignant"
(The Hollywood Reporter), heartfelt drama about how love can overcome addiction and prejudice. Choirmaster by day and female impersonator by night, creatively talented Holiday (Ving Rhames, Mission Impossible: 2) is a lonely man living with a broken heart until he befriends a bright young girl and her drug-addicted mother (Alfre Woodard, The Family that Prey’s).  Helping them off the street, Holiday quickly forms a special bond with them.  But when the mom hooks up with a dangerous drug-dealing boyfriend, their worlds are again turned upside-down, forcing Holiday to confront his own prejudices if it means saving the two people he so desperately loves.
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998)
Get ready to groove with this heartwarming comedy full of love and friendship, starring
Angela Bassett (Waiting To Exhale) and Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg (Ghost). Through good times and bad, Stella (Bassett) and Delilah (Goldberg) have always had each other.  Now, Stella's so busy building a life that she's forgotten to really live.  But Delilah is about to change all that.  What starts as a quick trip to Jamaica ends as an exhilarating voyage of self discovery as Stella learns to open her heart and find love - even if it's with a man 20 years her junior.  A captivating comedy that's sure to entertain, How Stella Got Her Groove Back glows with warmth, humor and tenderness.  

Beauty Shop (2005)
Queen Latifah (Chicago) heads an "excellent ensemble" cast in this "warm, funny, empowering"
(New York Post) comedy co-starring Alicia Silverstone (Clueless), Andie MacDowell
(Groundhog Day), Alfre Woodard (Holiday Heart), Mena Suvari (American Beauty) and Kevin Bacon (Footloose).  When Jorge (Bacon), the egotistical boss at a posh salon, pushes his star stylist Gina (Latifah) a hair too far, Gina leaves and opens a beauty shop of her own.  Inheriting an opinionated group of stylists, a colorful clientele and a sexy upstairs neighbor, Gina proves that you can't keep a good woman down - and you can't keep a shop full of outrageous women from speaking their minds. 

Waiting To Exhale (1995)
Whitney Houston (The Bodyguard) and Angela Bassett (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) star in this funny and touching film about four women who find strength through their rare and special relationship.  Savannah, Bernadine, Robin and Gloria are all searching for the Real Thing: true love.  Bernadine thought she had it, until her husband left her for another woman.  Savannah and Robin are successful in business but their love lives are bankrupt.  And divorcĂ©e Gloria is getting back in the game by flirting with her new, very eligible neighbor Gregory Hines (The Gregory Hines Show). 

Review: The Celebrated Women of Color Film Collection Volume 2 includes Beauty Shop, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Waiting to Exhale and Holiday Heart.  This second volume has three movies that I already enjoy and one that I hadn't yet seen...Holiday Heart.  

We love these movie compilations here at the Legion.  Why, do you ask?  There are some that would argue that squeezing so many films into a compilation will degrade the quaility too much.  Well, we're talking drama, romance and comedy here, not action or graphics.  Honestly, you can't see any difference in the sound or picture quality vs. the original single disc DVD releases and this one, we compared.  

The quality of the films speak for themselves.  You've likely seen at least a few of the major films in this collection.  This isn't some collection of nothing films that couldn't sell on their own, this is a very special release that includes four big name features that are all fantastic in quality and entertainment.  We highly recommend it!

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Interest Range: Drama, Comedy, Romance